Post Contract Meetings

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  • 5 Apr 2022: Split from Post Contract.
  • 3 Apr 2020: Created.


  • Quantity Surveyors provide cost management and contract advice services during the post contract stage until the settlement of the Final Account.

Attend meetings

  1. Project co-ordination meetings (usually monthly):
    • attended by Employer and Consultants without Contractor
    • QS usually attends
    • for discussing outstanding design, statutory submission status, selection of Nominated Sub-Contractors and Suppliers.
  2. Design co-ordination meetings (as required):
    • attended by Consultants
    • QS usually does not attend
    • for more detailed co-ordination of drawings prepared by different Consultants.
  3. Site meetings (usually monthly, more frequently initially):
    • attended by Consultants, Contractor and Sub-Contractors
    • QS usually attends the relevant part
    • for discussing site programme, progress, document issuance and submission status, problems, etc.
  4. Sub-Contractors’ co-ordination meetings (usually weekly):
    • attended by Contractor and Sub-Contractors
    • QS does not attend
    • for detailed co-ordination of shop drawings, installation drawings, programme, progress, problems, etc.
  5. Final Account meetings (as required):
    • attended by QS and Contractor / Sub-Contractors
    • for discussing and agreeing Final Account
    • during the course of construction and not necessarily deferred until after completion of the Works.

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