Duplicate floors

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Extend gridlines first

Select an elevation or a section view:

Left-click a vertical gridline:

Move the cursor arrow to the small circle below the bubble of the gridline > Press left mouse button > Move mouse up

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Duplicate levels

Select the top level:

More than one level can be selected if copying of more than one level is desired.

The Modify | Grids ribbon will show up.

Left-click: Modify > Copy

A dotted box will show up around the selected level:

Press left mouse button > Move mouse up:

Left-click the new level > storey height dimension box > Enter storey height:

The storey height should be the same as that of the floor to be duplicated.

Left-click the name of the new level > Change the name as appropriate:

Repeat for the next new level.

The storey height and the name of the level can be revised after adding each or all levels.

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Create floor plan views

Left-click: View > Create:

Left-click: Plan Views > Floor Plan:

Newly added levels without views created yet will be listed.

Select one or levels to create views:

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Duplicate floors

Press left mouse button > Move from top level to bottom right > Select the entire floor to be duplicated:

Press Ctrl-C to copy.

Left-click: Modify > Clipboard > Paste:

Left-click: Aligned to Selected Levels:

Select one or more levels where you would duplicate the selected floor:

Take care not to duplicate the same elements at the same level more than once.

The duplicated floors will show on the elevation.

Note in this example that the 1/F has not been created.The storey height of the 2/F has not been set to be equal to the storey height of the 1/F. This leaves a gap between the top of the duplicated floor and the level line above. This should actually be avoided.

(First posted: 1/4/2017)

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