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Draw vertical grid lines (do not care too much about the exact spacing for the time being)

Left-click: Architecture or Structure > Datum - Grid:

Left-clickDraw - Line to draw free hand straight line:

Start from right to left if grid line references are to start from the right.

Left-click drawing area > Move mouse down to draw a vertical line:

Left-click to end the line: 

Move mouse to the left > Align with the help of the blue horizontal line with the first grid line:

Move mouse down to draw a vertical line with the end to align with the end of the first grid line > Left-click to end the line:

Continue to draw other lines > press Esc to finish the current command.

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Change spacing between two lines (however, better use annotated dimensions to change spacing, as described later)

Left-click: body (not end) of the line to be moved (e.g. grid l2 below) > dimension on the right (e.g. 12000.0 below) > Change the dimension (e.g. 5000.0):

Note: Since grid 2 is drawn after grid 1, its position is relative to grid 1, only "12000.0" can be selected to be changed. "9000.0" cannot be selected to be changed.

Positions after change:

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Draw horizontal grid lines

Like drawing the vertical grid lines, draw lines from left to right.

Start from bottom to top if grid line references are to start from the bottom:

Change grid line reference to start from "A" instead of "5": Left-click: body of the line > reference in the bubble > Change the reference > Enter > Esc:

Alternatively, Left-click: body of line > Name property > Change the reference > Enter > Esc:

Finished result before pressing Esc:

Continue drawing other lines will have references of C, D, E, etc.:

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Showing or hiding bubbles

Reference bubbles will appear at the end of the grid line being drawn:

To show the bubble at the other end: Left-click: body of the line to display a square box from the end of the line:

Left-click: the square box to display the reference in the bubble:

If desired, deselect the square box to hide the reference in the bubble.

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