Preambles 清单说明

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Functions of Preambles

  1. The Preambles Bill or Section describes general information and rules which are common to and applicable to the Measured Work Bills
  2. The Preambles Bill or Section generally describes:
    • Definitions and terminology
    • Special method of measurement deviating from the Standard Method of Measurement
    • Rates to include items which describe work or costs to be included in the unit rates
  3. Additional Preambles clauses to give further information as required by the Standard Method of Measurement or as required for the Works are usually given in the Measured Work Bills preceding the relevant measured items
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Special method of measurement

  1. In principle, the rules of the Standard Method of Measurement should be strictly followed. However, in case special deviations or clarifications are required, Preambles clauses should be included to state the special method of measurement
  2. When writing the special method of measurement, it is preferred that the clauses of the Standard Method of Measurement from which deviations are to be made should be specifically stated in this manner: "Notwithstanding clause xxx of Section YYY of the Standard Method of Measurement, ZZZ has been measured ….. "
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Rates to include items

  1. The Standard Method of Measurement requires that certain clauses be given in the Preambles to describe the scope of work or costs to be included in the unit rates
  2. Apart from these mandatory Preambles clauses, there may be special Preambles clauses which are necessary to amplify the descriptions in the Measured Work Bills
  3. All these Preambles clauses defining the scope of unit rates are called "Rates to include items" or the scope is called "Item coverage"
  4. The Preambles clauses are usually written in the style of: "The rates for <work> shall include for <item coverage>"
  5. The following are alternatives to "shall include for":
    • shall be deemed to include for
    • shall be held to include for
    • are deemed to include for
    • are held to include for.
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Using Preambles

  1. The Standard Office Preambles should be used as the base for drafting the Preambles for a particular project.
  2. Preambles for other projects may be referred to for any special clauses. However, it would be dangerous to use another Project Preambles as the base for drafting for a new project since the deletions from or additions to the Standard Office Preambles specific for the old project may not be applicable to the new project and fine changes may easily miss the reader’s attention.
  3. Amendments to Office Standard Preambles for a particular project must be subject to strict control. Any special Preambles clauses considered necessary during the course of BQ production should be discussed and clarified with the Supervisor-in-charge, above the level of team leader.
  4. Similar to the Specification, the Preambles should be lined through.
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  1. 清单说明或称"清单序言"
  2. 以2号清单或独立文件列出
  3. 本身不套单价
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  1. 为计量分部清单的常用词定义
  2. 说明适用于计量分部清单的规定
    • 特殊的,与某计量分部清单较密切的,可在该分部清单开始处说明
  3. 说明与标准工程量计算规则有偏离的地方
    • 标准工程量计算规则有些地方或不太适用于本工程的情况,应适当地偏离
  4. 说明单价包含的内容
    • 按标准工程量计算规则的规定要予以特别说明的单价包含内容
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  1. 应使用公司的标准作为修改的蓝本
  2. 再比对其他同类工程看看有没有适用的特殊修订
  3. 跟清单说明一样,要画线清理

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