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Moving graphical elements

Left-click:  Elements to be moved > Modify - Move > Any point in the drawing area > Another point in the drawing area > Esc to finish.

The distance and direction from the first point to the second point represent the distance and direction to be moved.

The points can be outside of the elements to be moved.

However, to move a point of the elements to a precise position, select the point as the first point and select the precise position as the second point.

Alternatively, use keyboard up, down, left and right arrows to move approximately after selection.

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Example of moving all grid lines

Select region:

Extend the region (note elements partly falling within the rectangle will be selected and shown as blue):

Left-click to finish selection (selected elements shown in blue, but rectangle disappeared):

Left-click Modify - Move:

Note the rectangle will appear in blue.

Left-click first point:

Left-click second point > Esc to finish:


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