Shortfalls when Attending Professional Interviews 專業評核面試時的缺失

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  1. Not prepared to answer technical questions
  2. Not bringing along own CV
  3. Only superficial knowledge of how things are usually done without knowing why
  4. Insufficient exposure to the full spectrum of quantity surveying services
  5. Unable to describe the various methods of carrying out pre-construction cost estimates
  6. Unable to describe the meaning of elemental cost estimates and cost analysis
  7. Unable to distinguish clearly the differences between lump sum contracts with and without BQ
  8. Unable to describe different types of contracts
  9. Not familiar with the private form of building contracts
  10. Unable to describe the implications of a letter of intent
  11. Unable to describe names of different types of warranties and guarantees
  12. Only superficial knowledge of the differences between on-demand and on-default bonds
  13. Unable to distinguish between the two categories of insurances under a Contractors' All Risks and Third Party Liability Insurance
  14. Unable to describe the meanings of "cross-liability clause" and "right of subrogation"
  15. Unable to fully describe the valuation rules for variations
  16. Unable to appreciate circumstances warranting a deviation from the contract rates
  17. Unable to distinguish between prime cost sum and prime cost rates
  18. Unable to describe the usual formula for adjusting prime cost rates and the rationale behind
  19. Unable to describe the situation leading to time at large and the implications of time at large
  20. Unable to describe the items admissible in the calculation of the rate of liquidated damages for delayed completion
  21. Unable to describe the procedures leading to the imposition of liquidated damages for delayed completion
  22. Unable to describe the heads of prolongation and disruption claims
  23. Unable to distinguish between head office overheads, project overheads and site overheads
  24. Unable to demonstrate awareness of the latest trends of the profession and the industry
  25. Inspired to change profession

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