Set up project units

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Set up the format of Area and Volume to hide their units but use 2 decimal places to represent Area and 3 decimal places to represent Volume

This change eliminates the need to remove the units when using Excel for further calculations after the area and volume are exported from the Schedules to Excel files. 

Left-clickManage Ribbon > Project Units Tab:

The Properties pallete shows up. Units shown within "[ ]" will be hidden on display:

Left-clickFormat of Area:

Left-clickRounding > 2 decimal places to change format of Area to 2 decimal places without unit: 

Left-clickUnit symbol > None > OK:

Left-clickFormat of Volume:

Left-clickRounding > 3 decimal places to change format of Volume to 3 decimal places without unit:

Left-clickUnit symbol > None > OK:

Left-clickOK to finish:

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