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Zoom in and out the model: Move the middle wheel of the mouse up or down.

Pan left, right, up or down: Press the middle wheel and move the mouse to the left, right, up or down.

Rotate (orbit) 3D model: Press keyboard Shift, and at the same time press the middle wheel and move the mouse to the left, right, up or down.

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Left-click: to select an item.

Left-click and drag mouse to draw a rectangular: to select a graphical region.

Alt key: to switch between graphical items nearby.

Ctrl + Left-click: to add another item to selection.

Shift + Left-click: to unselect an item.

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Keyboard shortcuts

Esc to end a continuous series of actions.

(alternatively )

Ctrl-Z = undo an action.

(alternatively and )

ZR  and use to select the region = Zoom in Region. 

ZO = Zoom Out.

ZF  = Zoom to Fit. 

ZA = Zoom All to Fit.

The tool-tip help also shows the keyboard shortcuts for some of the menu items, e.g. WA for Wall:

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Wheels and Viewcubes

2D wheel:

Full netvigation wheel:

Basic view object view:

Netvigation wheel menu to choose between different types of wheels:

Netvigation bar menu:

Zoom menu:

3D View cube:


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