Quality and Integrity 品質和誠信

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Quality Policy 品質政策

  1. We are committed to provide quality services to our Clients such that they are satisfied and would come back for our services.


  2. Long term business relationship with our Clients and absence of adverse professional liability are critical to the sustainability of us.


  3. Quality objectives have been established to ensure that our processes are carried out in a reasonably adequate, accurate and timely manner with proper contractual authority.


  4. Our Quality Management System has been established to comply with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and will be regularly reviewed to ensure sustained improvement and enhanced Clients' satisfaction.


  5. The Quality Management System should be efficient and focused and should reduce the overall costs to us.


K C Tang


1st March 2003

updated 1st September, 2017

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Integrity Policy 誠信政策

Our Company prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption and is committed to integrity, honesty and anti-corruption practices in doing business. All directors and staff (hereafter referred as “personnel”) must abide by this integrity policy and the associated company rules / guidelines / code of conduct.


  • Our Company and all personnel have to observe the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201), the Competition Ordinance (Cap. 619) and other integrity-related laws in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


  • Our Company does not allow our personnel to solicit or accept any advantages1 from any individuals or organisations having business dealings with our Company unless permission is granted for the acceptance.


  • Our Company prohibits all personnel from offering advantages to any staff or member of a government department or public body while having dealings of any kind with them.  We also prohibit all personnel from offering advantages to any individual of organisations, whether directly or indirectly, for influencing them in any dealing, when conducting business with our Company.


  • Our Company’s personnel are required to avoid accepting lavish or frequent entertainment from others having business dealings with our Company.


  • Our company requires all personnel to avoid any conflict of interest situation, or the perception of such.  If unavoidable, the personnel concerned should make a declaration to the approving authority who should decide on the actions for mitigating the conflict.


  • Our Company prohibits all personnel from disclosing any classified information without authorisation, and misusing any Company information.


  • Our Company has an internal reporting mechanism for our personnel to enquire matters relating to integrity and report possible breaches of integrity requirements.  Our Company handles these reports promptly and in strict confidence.


  • Our Company strictly forbids retaliation against any personnel who, in good faith, reports possible breaches of integrity requirements or who participates in the inquiry / investigation of the allegation.


  • Any personnel in breach of integrity requirements will be subject to internal disciplinary action, including termination of appointment and / or referral to relevant law enforcement agencies.  Our Company will render full assistance to law enforcement agencies in the investigation of criminal offences. 


  • Our Company is committed to partner with ethical business counterparts who share the same value and commit to the same integrity standard.



K C Tang


20th October 2022

(based on ICIC Integrity Charter)




1 Advantage is defined under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201) covering any gift, loan, fee, reward, commission, office, employment contract, discharge from obligation/liability/loan, service and favour, exercise or forbearance from exercise of right/power/duty, etc.

據《防止賄賂條例》(第 201 章),利益的定義涵蓋任何饋贈、貸款、費用、報酬、佣金、職位、僱傭合約;解除義務/法律責 任/貸款;服務及優待;行使或不行使權利/權力/職責等。


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