Petrol and Gas Service Stations and LPG Installations 加油加氣站及石油氣工程

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(newer projects first)


  1. Alterations and Additions Works to Caltex Waterfront Service Station

    加德士銅鑼灣海旁加油站 - 翻裝修工程

  2. Reprovision of Caltex Waterloo Road Service Station

    加德士窩打老道油站 - 翻新裝修工程

  3. Renovation of Caltex Shui Pin Tsuen Service Station

    加德士水邊村油站 - 翻新裝修工程

  4. Reprovision of Caltex Princess Margaret Road Service Station

    加德士公主道油站 - 翻新裝修工程

  5. Piping, Vapour Recovery System II and Underground Tank Replacement Works for Caltex Service Stations


  6. Additional LPG Facilities for four Caltex Service Stations at Fanling, Po Kwong Village, Repulse Bay and Clear Water Bay


  7. Caltex Waterfront Petrol Station at Ap Lei Chau, Aberdeen, Hong Kong - Soil Investigation, Demolition and Slope Strengthening Works (pre-contract service)

    香港香港仔鴨脷州加德士海旁油站 - 探土、拆卸及斜坡加固工程(合約前服務)

  8. Construction of Caltex Service Station at Tung Chung Lot 29 (Estimating)


  9. Redevelopment of Caltex Service Station at  Mongkok K.I.L. 11177 (Estimating)


  10. Redevelopment of Caltex Service Stations at Kennedy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Estimating)


  11. Ma Wan Development Phase 5, New Territories – LPG Installation

    新界馬灣住宅物業發展第五期 - 石油氣工程

  12. Ma Wan Development Phases 2, 3 and 4, New Territories – LPG Installation

    新界馬灣住宅物業發展第二、三、四期 - 石油氣工程

  13. Residential Development at Ocean Garden, Tai Pa, Macau – Site Survey of LPG Installation (Final Account)

    澳門氹仔海洋花園住宅大廈 – 石油氣工程現場實測 (結算)

  14. Ma Wan Development Phases 1 and 2, New Territories – LPG Installation (Final Account)

    新界馬灣住宅物業發展第一、二期 – 石油氣工程 (結算)

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