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Useful Links 有用連結 KCTang Fri, 08/02/2019 - 16:36


Updated 8 February 2019

Development Bureau 發展局

  1. Technical Circular (Works) No. 6/2005 - Implementation of Systematic Risk Management in Public Works Projects
  2. Risk Management User Manual, June 2005 (風險管理用家手冊)
  3. Proposed Security of Payment Legislation for the Construction Industry - Summary and Guide, June 2015
  4. 擬議建造業付款保障條例 - 2015年6月摘要和指引
  5. Proposed Security of Payment Legislation for the Construction Industry - Consultation Document, June 2015
  6. 擬議建造業付款保障條例 - 2015年6月諮詢文件
  7. Construction 2.0 - Time to Change (added 8 February 2019)
  8. 建造業2.0 - 變革的時刻 (2019年2月28日 加入)

Architectural Services Department 建築署

  1. Publications
  2. Public Building Works Tender Price Index
  3. Notices of Invitation for Technical and Fee Proposals

Buildings Department 屋宇署

  1. Codes of Practice, Design Manuals and Guidelines
  2. Practice Notes for Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers
  3. Practice Notes for Registered Contractors
  4. Joint Practice Notes on protection and improvement of the built and natural environment by Buildings Department, Lands Department and Planning Department
    屋宇署、地政總署及規劃署為了保護及改善建築及自然環境發出的聯合作業備考 (繁體中文版)
  5. Practice Note for Mandatory Building and Window Inspection Schemes
    強制驗樓及驗窗計劃作業備考 (繁體中文版)

Others 其他

  1. World Green Building Council - The Business Case for Green Building: A Review of the Costs and Benefits for Developers, Investors and Occupants
  2. Construction Design and Management (Health and Safety Design Management) Guidance Notes
  3. PAQS 2017 Vancouver - Congress Proceedings