Tender Addendum 修改通知

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  1. It is very usual that tender addenda are required after dispatch of Tender Documents for tendering because of the need:
    • to rectify errors found
    • to complete outstanding measurement because of previous lack of information
    • to update for lately revised Drawings or Specification
  2. All the processes for producing the original BQ should be followed for making tender addenda
  3. Amended or additional pages should have identifications such as:
    • Using an asterisk "*" against the right hand side of the page number
    • Using two or more asterisks or alternative symbols to signify the second or subsequent addenda
    • Using the words "Tender Addendum No. X" at the top or bottom of the pages
    • Using symbol against the left or right hand side or using other forms of highlighting to indicate amended or added BQ items
  4. Some people use page number designated something like 3.2/1+1 or 3.2/1A to denote an additional page

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