Query list 编标问卷

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Query list

  1. During the course of BQ production, there is bound to be uncertainty of information either in respect of the project particulars or in respect of the Drawings and Specification
  2. Clarify with the Architects or Engineers using telephone conversation or email
  3. Write down the answers obtained on a query list
  4. Make reasonable and confident assumptions on the query list prior to receipt of answers
  5. Refer to the following sample form: 
  6. To avoid grammatical mistakes and to reduce the subsequent time to make corrections, write the queries in note form which is still understandable, particularly when assumptions or answers have been made such that a query and assumption or answer can be read together to make sensible and complete meaning
  7. Dispatch the query list from time to time to the Architects or Engineers for answering outstanding queries or confirming answered queries and for record
  8. Chase for the return of the query list with answers within a reasonable time
  9. Reflect the final answers in the Bills of Quantities

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