Pre-tender Estimate

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  1. As soon as the final BQ is ready and even before its dispatch to Tenderers, it would be a good practice and it may be a condition of service as well that the final BQ is priced to arrive at the expected tender price. The in-house priced BQ is called "Pre-tender Estimate" which is useful for:
    • early identification of any major deviation from the previous Preliminary Cost Estimate
    • comparison with prices returned by Tenderers
  2. If major deviation between the Pre-tender Estimate and the previous Preliminary Cost Estimate is found, the reason should be identified. Care should be exercised to see whether it is due to errors in the BQ or errors in the previous Preliminary Cost Estimate, or due to design changes introduced after the previous Preliminary Cost Estimate. Errors in the BQ should be immediately corrected. Early notice to the Client should be made for major and true deviations between the Preliminary Cost Estimate and the Pre-tender Estimate

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