Staff conduct 職員操守


  • The following are terms laid down in the employment contracts of our staff. "You" means the staff member. "the Company" and "us" mean our company.

Confidential information

  • Your unauthorized disclosure of confidential information held by the Company to other parties shall be regarded as a serious misconduct.

Rules and disciplines

  1. You shall comply with such rules and disciplines as may be enforced by us and applicable to all staff employed by us.
  2. It is our objective to provide quality service to our clients with profits.
  3. You shall not act to conflict the interests of the Company or any of our clients.
  4. You shall maintain a high degree of professional conduct and ethnics as demanded by law or by the rules of conduct enforced by the professional institutions that you belong to.
  5. Part-time involvement in other business after office hours will not be prohibited so long as:

(a) the business involved is not similar to our nature of business or related to our Clients or business counterparts (e.g. contractors, suppliers, etc.);

(b) the nature of the involvement will not be seen as connected to the Company or does not seem likely to prejudice the reputation of the Company;

(c) the involvement is disclosed to the Company for approval in advance in writing; and

(d) the performance of your duties is not affected.